Sunday, March 22, 2020

3D printing FACE SHIELD headband for coronavirus pandemia

Dear friends!

I decided to reactivate my blog to put some important information about 3D printing of a face shield headband, which became a serious issue during pandemia caused by coronavirus (COVID-19).

My brother's friend - a doctor working in my city hospital in Gdańsk, Poland, asked him to figure out a way to make face shield needed for those who fight with coronavirus. Faceshields are not available right now and can not be bought even by hospitals.

My brother Kamil Woronowski STEELSTIGMA made a research yesterday and it occured that such supporting actions are already started around the world and free, ready to print 3D models are available.

He checked some popular 3D model which he was able to print on his small printer, but after tests:
- it didn't work good,
- was complicated to make (additional bands were needed),
- took long time to make.

He made his own 3D model which we tested and decided that it works better for us: fits better as and is faster to make which is really important right now. Main improvement in the model is adding a nose support so the headband doesn't slides down, which was a problem in other headbands we tested. It holds really good even without a band/strap in the back, but it can be added.

He put the model and template to make a faceshield from A4 transparent foil. You can find it here:
or here

I am copying my brother's  description for the 3D model.
Simple face shield headband for fast and easy print. No need for additional strap to mount it (but rubber band can be added on the back if you prefer more tight fit), model with additional support that lays on your nose to prevent the shield from slipping down.

Holes cutout template for shield is provided in .pdf and .svg format. Cutout template can be printed on normal printer, A4 format, and laid down on stiff transparent foil. "X" marked can be cut with normal knife along the lines.

I highly recommend reading this article by Josef Průša on the face shield subject:

And also if you prefer you could use Josef Průša face shield headband model, which is more advanced and had been tested way more than mine:

I have done my model from scratch but I did look up how the design could be solved from this model:

Also, this is not a replacement for medical face shield! You can print this for our own use and on your own risk! 3D printed parts are not meant to be re-used or sterilized!

I have printed this on Cetus MK II from PLA, with 0,6mm nozzle, 0,4mm layer height in 32 minutes. Any nozzle will do, but there are no importand detials so bigger nozle will shorten printing time.
If you have a 3D printer you can check if there is a need for face shields in your area or you can use it yourself. As far as I know it is needed right now in all the countres, probably besides China, which is for sure the biggest producer of face shields.

Below are my pictures for the headbands we tested and our first prototypes which will be now tested in the 'battlefield' right now. I will update when something new come up.

Here is a short tutorial showing how to make a faceshield from A4 transparent cover which many of us uses for documents and can be found in every office, but you can use other transparent materials such as plastic PET bottle. Template for holes to be downloaded with use of links above.

Jeżeli ktoś z okolic Trójmiasta i nie tylko ma ochotę pomóc w temacie drukowania przyłbic i nie tylko dla personelu medycznego w naszych okolicznych szpitalach to zapraszam do dedykowanej grupy na Facebooku:

Warto również przeczytać ten artykuł.  Chyba pierwsza akcja w Polsce tego typu.
Dla tych co posiadają ploter laserowy polecam ten Trójmiejski projekt

Sunday, December 30, 2018

"A Beginner’s Guide to Custom Made Swiss Army Knives" article by Carryology

I am extremely happy to announce that this year in summer an article 'A Beginner’s Guide to Custom Made Swiss Army Knives' was published by website. It is describing SAK modders and SAK scales makers around the world... and I am mentioned as one of them! :D
If you are interested in the subject or the background of my and my brother works you should read it!
I would like to thank David @sygyzy for the great article, noticing me among other makers and the interesting conversation we have.

Direct link to the article is HERE.
Have a nice reading! :)

You can also check Carryology Instagram account @carryology

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife scales 26

Big update of SAK scales needed!

Slot pattern in regular and badlands finish

Something for Star Wars lovers: First Order Stormtrooper and Boba Fett PLUS version scales

"Pirate Prison" project in copper.

Special sety of scales for my friend Jonny Liao who is a designer of this beautiful Spyderco Hundred Pacer. Awesome knife! One of Jonny's designes inspired me many years ago to start my knifemaking journey :) That is why we decided to make a gift exchange this year.
Jonny, thank you very much  for the knife! I hope the scales will serve you well. 
I wish you many more great designs as good as Hundred Pacer!
See you next time soon! :)

Thursday, December 13, 2018

New packages and certificates!

Doing my works all those years I always wanted to have my own original packages and certificates for my products... now I have! In summer I upgraded the way I pack my products. Believe me, it was not easy to come up with an original idea which will also not raise the prise of items. My friend helped me to decide that fine craft paper, high quality ink, hand writing and simplicity is what we need to give you that unforgettable experience during opening your package:)
All those beautiful stamps are designed and handmade by my friend artist who also designed the certificates. So those custom stamps are really piece of art! Thank you my friend! :)
Please note that those are not prints, each package is stamped individually. 
I hope that you will like the new packages and certificates as much as I do!

New packages for new items soon!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Where to buy @woro_knives works? ->

Hi! It is almost end of the year... I feel I need to to catch up with the news here so I will have a clear account when entering 2019 ;) A lot of good thing happen in recent months and I must share it with you.

First of all... you can finally buy my works worldwide!!!
I am selling my stuff in PolishCustomKnives.Com 
This is a new shop, started in 2018,  but it is very professional and is growing very fast. It provides very fast shipping worldwide. What is more customers from USA don't need to pay VAT tax.
When I finish new works I send it to the shop so you can check and buy it if you like. Every month there are about a dozen of new items made by me. So far it was scales, tools, fully customized Pingos... I am working with my brother on a new crazy projects and when ready they will be available in the shop.
In there are also a lot of other great makers from Poland, so you can not miss it!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife scales 25

This time only copper!

Slot pattern. I really like this one. It is very grippy.
Another set of scales set dedicated to Polish Fighter Squadron 303! I have used historical pictures for design of engravings. The copper should look like a stormy sky ;)
And some post apocalyptic stuff which I really like
There can't be post-apo without Vault Boy ;)

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Tactical Fish 9

If I am counting correctly this will be a 9th episode of my Tactical Fish blog series :) I have checked that it is almost 4 years since first fish bottle openers were made. A lot of time, but it is easy to see that the design and craftsmanship improved during those years and it makes me happy :D
There will be a lot because there all all the Fishes I made in last months.

Next time I will show you the leather pouches I made for this bottle openers so stay tuned

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife scales 24

Another series of SAK scales pictures.
This time let's start with Games of Thrones themed scales;)
Titanium Stark, copper Targaryen, brass Lannister
Death in a Death Star finish...
Copper and brass toxic finish