Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sons of The Squirrel (Part 2)

   Two blades are ready for heat treatment. I decided to change a shape of the medium friction and make a santoku like knife as it will be a mini kitchen folder ;). The third blade is still work in progress so I don't want to show it :-p. I am waiting now to get a 2mm tap to fasten screws in the scales and instal backspacers. Then I will be able to round the scales and make a toxic on G10.

  If anyone was wondering how big they are this is the answer :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sons of The Squirrel (Part 1)

Still using my free time so 3 days ago I decidend to make some new friction folders. As a inspiration I used  The Squirrel Friction Folder that I made one year ago. This time two of the folders will be bigger than original design. All of them will be made with titanium liners. The little one also have a black-green G10, and the big squirrel will probably have a black canvas micarta scales. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finally some free time...

After months of working I found some time to go to my workshop.
My brother Kamil had some spare time too so we decided to make another knife together. A camp knife with 13.5 cm blade made of 4mm D2 steel.The handle will be a natural canvas micarta handle.
But first of all I want to finish the knives that I started a couple of month ago and that will be this two knives. Now almost ready for heat treatment. 

More photos soon. I have a lot of knives to finish.