Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Titanium ENTRY TOOL for Maciej

   I have just finished another titanium project for Maciej. Titanium tool made according to his guidelines for a pure fun of having ;). It is hard to say what kind of tool it is but I it makes me think of 'pocket size' entry tools so I will call it this way. It is the thickest titanium ever milled on CNC - over 5mm. I have bead blasted the surface, then heat anodized it for a brown color and use a little bit of stonewashing technique to get that old, rusty look.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Survival Kits Project (Part 3) My first pouch for a survival tin

My first pouch for a survival tin. Made with 2.5mm thick veg tanned leather. I have used a swing bag clasp from Tandy as a fastener. I've read that it is the best solution for such a pouch and actually it works better than I expected. Very practical in use. Pouch was dyed with Fiebing's Pro Oil Dye, and is finished with SNO Seal. There is enough room for a tin and for example 83mm Victorinox SAK or a small flashlight.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Hi! I have been working on those desings for almost a year and finally I started to make prototypes. As usual, I am making them in cooperation with my brother on our CNC milling machine. My idea was to design a couple of knives which will be my regular models. I decided to design two size of friction folders, and two necks: three finger with scales and skeletonized one. For the friction folders, I have used the concept of knives that I made in the past: WAR Squirrel and small Squirrel. I don't have a prototype for a small squirrel yet but I hape to make it soon. As those are just prototypes, I have used black G10 for the scales - it will be different in finished models. A prototype of the two finger neck knife (I have to think of a name for it) is made only with G10 but it is just to check how it fits the hand.

I think of this neck as a some kind of Pocket Survival Knife. It is a hidden tang construction so it is very light but steel durable as it will be 2.5-3mm steel.
Two finger neck. For sure I will make a titanium version of this knife with carbidized edge. It fits to Altoids tin, which was one of my priorities during designing. Another priority was a paracord wrap option.
WAR Squirrel is back! I've got many requests to make more of this folder. There was only one piece of it in the whole world but soon there will be more ;).  I have changed the original design a little bit and now it will look even more like a folding cleaver.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Leather belts 1

Today, instead of knives, I will show you my leather custom belts. I made my first belt about 3 years ago as a gift for my friend. Since that time I have been making a couple of belts every year, usually for a friends, family or for myself. Like for my other works, I am trying to use the best materials available: premium leather, usually with Fiebing's dyes and finishes, Gum Tragacanth for the edges. I really like to make them so for sure I will show you some more.

First belt I made for myself. It helps my pants not to fell down for almost 3 years everyday:)
4mm thick veg tanned bridle butt leather, linseed oil, heavy duty roll buckle
4mm thick veg tanned bridle butt leather, Fiebing's Dark Brown Professional Oil, Fiebing's Tan Kote
Women's belt, 2.5mm thick veg tanned leather, Fiebing's Black Professional Oil, Fiebing's Tan Kote
Women's belt, 2.5mm thick veg tanned leather, Kenda Farben Red Toledo Super, Fiebing's Tan Kote