Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife scales 10

Another big update with my SAK scales. Newer pictures are marked with my new logo. Now every new picture will have this mark so everyone will know who made the scales ;)
As always knives are only for demonstration.

91mm titanium beadblasted and stonewashed, round edges, cross engraved, PLUS scales (pin and pen slot)

91mm titanium polished, round edges, PLUS scales (pin and pen slot)

2x 91mm titanium beadblasted and stonewashed, chamfered, PLUS scales (pin and pen slot)
1x 84mm titanium beadblasted and stonewashed, chamfered

Because it is a 10th episode, I want to show you something very special in the end. My first SAK scales made of copper! I think it looks really really cool and for sure will make more like those.

1x 84mm copper, chamfered with cross engraved

Now it is time to make some brass ones ;)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My 100th post!

A couple of day ago I realized that it has been 99 posts already on my blog, so this one should be special. What I will do for my 100 post?
I will bring back some memories....
It has been for me a very long journey...
I have visited my workshop last weekend and decide to make first ever pictures of my first knives. Not many people have seen it so it will be a premiere ;)
My first ever knife! Made long time ago when I was a teenager. I remember that Strider knives was my inspiration :D Made with the simplest hand tools from an old circular saw.

My second knife and first sheath... It used to look better but I am still using it and abusing in my workshop. Also made with only simple tools and circular saw. Sheath was made from some old bag. It is hard to believe but this one had been inspired by Chris Reeve Sebenza :D Anyway it is a really handy knife. The sheath looks horrible but does the job.

Few years later... One of my first customizations for Victorinox SAK. It was a time when it take me whole weekend to make one pair of scales. Beautiful pictures made by the owner :)

Another few years later... A piece of metal that was createded by one of the first calibrating cut for the plasma cutter built by my brother. It marked a new era in my knifemaking projects. It doesn't look like it based on the photo but it has been the era of  CNC machinig :)

In the end my old logo cut from a sheet of steel. Given to me by my brother as a christmas gift. I will miss that logo... This one will be hanging in the new workshop when I will finally have it...

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Vault Openers with new logo

In the end of 2015 I have finished another series of my titanium pocket prybars. I made some pictures for two of them. For the first time new logo is used. I think it looks very cool on titanium. Both pieces showed in the pictures are for metric size hex nuts. One of them is with beadblasting/ stonewashing finish and the second one has my 'wasteland finish'. 
Some Fallout themed copper pendants in the background.