Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Blue Tactical Fishes

Another progress in anodizing titanium with use of voltage. Two tactical fishes - beadblasted, stonewashed and anodized for blue color in 30V. It turned out that not a power supply, but a good quality, clean electrolyte is the most important thing to get good results with anodizing. 
After about two years of tests I think I finally know how to do this! :D

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife scales 13

I know that you are waiting for these... ;)
A lot of new scales, so I am limiting the number of pictures. If you want to see some more photos look for my Victorinox SAK Scales gallery on the right panel of the blog.

91mm black G10, toxicated

Some standard finish titanium 84mm & 91mm scales...

91mm titanium deadclaw finish with simple cross engraved

Something more artistic in the end... 91mm titanium scales for people who like to watch ;)
I have to find a name for this titanium finish. Any ideas? :)
Thanks to Jesse I have a name for this finish. It is Acid Rain Finish!

Monday, March 7, 2016

More Vault Openers

Some time ago I have added to my workshop a new 0-120VDC power supply. Finally I should be able to give some fancy colors to my titanium stuff! 
Anyway I have also learned  that it is not easy to get good results on anodizing without some chemistry skills. Here is the result of one of my first successful tests - violet Vault Opener.
And some other pictures just for the record...

Saturday, March 5, 2016

[TUTORIAL] How to mount my titanium scales?

I made another tutorial. This time I will show you how my scales can be mounted with use of vise.
To watch the tutorial you can click here:
How to mount my SAK scales?
or find a link on the right panel of the blog.

I hope it will be helpful!