Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Survival Kits Project (Part 1) The beginning

   I am starting a new project on the blog. I have thought about making my own survival kit even before I made my first knife and it was about 10 years ago. A couple of months ago I finally started to make it. Unfortunately I had so many ideas and could not choose one. That is why there will be for sure at least 4 groups of products:
  • survival keychain with cable wire ring (perfect for a EDC)
  • small survival tin in a pouch to be attached to a sheath of a knife or a belt
  • medium survival tin in a pouch to be attached to the bel(or a very big knife ;))
  • outdoor kitchen set with a Victorinox knife and kydex/leather sheath
...and everything else that comes to my mind and will be fun to make.
   In my survival kits almost all the gear will be custom made or customized so there will be not only knifemaking work but also a lot of of leather work, kydex work, and testing the gear and equipment.
Today I will show you some stuff I manage to gather so far and these will be fire starters, whistles, keychain rings and a couple of Victorinox knives for outdoor kitchen sets.

Fire starters is in my opinion one of the most important part of the set. It is far way better than matches or a lighter. I have collected fire starters in different shape and sizes. I will be cutting them to appropriate size, drill holes, make handles etc.

Using cable wire rings is the best way to attach you geard to be wear as a keychain. These are usually made of stainless steel so rusting is not a problem. I am wearing a keychain like this every day. It is almost impossible to break it and what is more important, adding new gear or deattaching the old one is very easy and handy. I am planning to use those as a frame for my survival keychains.

Some colorful stuff in the end. These Victorinox knives are a true legend in my country. This model  is called in Poland with a nickname "Pikutek". I have no idea if they are also popular in other countries. They are considered to be the most economical and practical small kitchen blades on the market. Light, portable and perfect for an outdoor kitchen because the blade is long enough to perform almost every kitchen task and stays sharp very long. I always have at least 2 pieces of this knife in my kitchen. For this knives I will make colorful kydex-leather sheats and of course holes in the handle for a paracord wrap.

Next time I will show some small and medium size tins I found, perfect for use in a survival kit.