Saturday, October 25, 2014

Titanium PRYBARS for Mirek

A couple of weeks ago I got request for another set of prybars - one with stonewash finish and second one anodized. The design we came up with has 1/4'' bit wrench, bottle opener and milled slots for better grip.
For the first time I used my new device in the workshop, a carbidizer that we have built with my brother by combining Dremel engraving tool and DC power supply of our production.We use broken 3mm diameter carbide cutters as a source of tungsten carbide. Can't wait to use it for carbidizing cutting edges on titanium knives.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Making a Pioneer knife Part 2 - milling grinds and drilling

 Hello! It's been a while... I  finally found some time to show you second episode of making the Pioneer knife. Me and my brother have been thinking about making knife grinds with use of milling machine for a long long time. The most important question was: is it possible to make it with a compact milling machine and homemade CNC control. The answer is: Yes! One of the problem was to choose a proper milling cutter. We decided to use a bullnose cutter with tungsten steel round inserts (8mm diameter). We chose it because of its durability, long tool life and the smooth finish that can be made with cutter of such a shape. We have made grinds for four blanks with one set od inserts and it seems that it is possible to grind many, many more knives without changing the inserts. We had to make a special holder for the Pioneer blanks as you can see on the pictures. It helps us to fix the blanks to the table and to position the CNC machine. You can see that a lot of coolant is needed for the milling process. It took us one whole day to make grinds and holes on four blanks of Pioneer knife. Grinds are rought but all of them will be finished with belt grinder in the next episodes. Stay tuned and don't forget to watch the video :)