Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pendants 1

Me and my brother are big fans of games and movies. I always wanted to connect this hobby with my knifemaking and tool projects. This will be my first attempt. Here are some engraved titanium pendants inspired by games and movies: mini dog tag size Ironman, Terminator and one inch size coins for Star Wars characters. Graphics have been prepared by me. 1.6mm titanium was used. It was anodized and finished for 'used' look. I am sure there will be more stuff like this. Also graphics can be used for my knifemaking project.
Any ideas for next themed pendants?;)
Oh! and I have finally finish the pendant I showed you a couple of months ago. One inch size with Vault 13 logo. Fallout 2 rulez! :D

Friday, September 11, 2015

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife scales 8

Another set of SAK scales made last months. I have to get a break from those SAKs... it takes all of my free time and I can't finish my other projects...

Let's start with 84mm SAKs.

84mm polished Carbon Fiber

84mm polished black G10

84mm polished and heat anodized titanium

84mm beadblasted/stonewashed titanium and polished titanium

Now some 91mm.

91mm polished Carbon Fiber

91mm beadblasted, polished, heat anodized and polished one more time titanium. It should look like blue flames...

91mm beadblasted and stonewashed titanium, chamfered

And a special one in the end...
91mm blue-black G10 with engraved 'PATTERN B'

As always, SAKs in the pictures are only for example. The scales can be attached to any Swiss Army Knife with appropriate size.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Squirrels are back!

...well, almost. I didn't finished any yet but started this Squirrel friction folder project with my brother more than a year ago. So far we have made a prototype and started a big colorful series. We are now on the stage of making grinds and then heat treatment will be made in our new hardening furnace.
Like always it started with a prototype. Black G10 was used.
Then stage after stage first Squirrel made of titanium, black-green G10 and N690 steel was built. A very special piece with a cup of coffee engraved.
It was a very long and slow start but now I will be able to finish first piece soon and make more. Stay tuned as next month I will be showing some of them finally finished.