Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pendants 1

Me and my brother are big fans of games and movies. I always wanted to connect this hobby with my knifemaking and tool projects. This will be my first attempt. Here are some engraved titanium pendants inspired by games and movies: mini dog tag size Ironman, Terminator and one inch size coins for Star Wars characters. Graphics have been prepared by me. 1.6mm titanium was used. It was anodized and finished for 'used' look. I am sure there will be more stuff like this. Also graphics can be used for my knifemaking project.
Any ideas for next themed pendants?;)
Oh! and I have finally finish the pendant I showed you a couple of months ago. One inch size with Vault 13 logo. Fallout 2 rulez! :D

1 comment:

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