Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Knives on The Stump VIII

...well, this time not only knives. Some of my almost finish stuff in pictures.
Do you remember this knife? My first ever knife milled with use of my CNC about one year ago
Edge and sheats needs to be made.
Orange G10 scales and titanium tubes - one of my favourite combinations.
I just love the look of beadblasted orange G10! :)
First series of my PHOTON neck knives. The one on the bottom is made of titanium. Above there are
two pieces without grinds, made of N690 steel. One will be stonewashed and second will have satin finish

Group photo of titanium stuff: PHOTON neck knife with carbidized edge , two TACTICAL FISHES with new
finish of edges and VAULT 13 pendant.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife scales 6

I want to show you some special SAK projects I made latel.
First one is a pair of orange G10 scales with engravings and a spoon! A very original idea designed by one of my customers. To be honest, the craziest scales I ever made. The knife is here only for the pictures. As far as I know it was attached to other model of SAK.

Victorinox Spartan with titanium scales and engraved Penrose Triangle. Scales are stonewashed, triangle is anodized for blue color.

I have waited for this project for a very long time... As I and my brother are Fallout fans since forever we always wanted to make the scales with Fallout themes. The scales are made of titanium with Vault 13 symbol and Pip Boy engravings. It has some rusty, postapocaliptic look. It was attached to Victorinox Hiker knife. I am sure, we will make more like this as it was very fun to make :D 
Hope you like it too!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Fresh delivery of colorful G10!

Last month I had two deliveries of G10 for my SAK and  other projects. I' ve got many new colors from OD green to pink so I am sure that a lot of interesting stuff will be made with these material. Especially those two color sheets should be very intresting and I am also pleased that finally I have a huge sheet of orange G10!