Sunday, May 29, 2016

Vault Opener Review

It is not often when I get a proffessional review so I am really happy to invite you to a review made by David Bowen from He got first piece of  my Vault Opener titanium prybar and has been used it for a year. Review to be checked here:
Thanks David!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Set of leather sheaths for TLIM knives

Fortunately I don't forget how to make sheaths ;) I have finally finished two leather sheaths for Lukasz. He wanted to have a set of two similar sheaths for his knives made by Mariusz "TLIM" PrzybyƂowski. I have been making these sheaths for many months... Lukasz thank you for being so patient! I hope you will like them :)
Leather was finished with Fiebing's Professional Oil Dye (Dark Brown and Black), SNO SEAL and Gum Tragacanth for edges. Shock cord is used to pull away a strap. All parts are detachable if needed. Sheath can be attached in vertical and horizontal position. There will also be a kydex holster for a firestarter like here but I will probably not make new photos.. Picture with firestarter added.
Please enjoy the pictures of beautiful Tlim knives with my sheaths, and stay tuned as I have to catch up on posts on my blog. Finally I hope to have some more free time so I should be able to answer missed emails.

Monday, May 9, 2016

New gallery! Pictures from Customers

I always wanted to have a gallery with pictures from my customers... In last month I got many fantastic pictures from you and finally I am able to do that! Below are only some example photos.
To watch the whole gallery you can click here:
Pictures from Customers
or find a link on the right panel of the blog.
Thank you very much for the pictures and if you have some more I would be very happy to add them. I love to see when my works are used. I especially like the pictures with my works being a part of your EDC stuff :)

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Hello! Because of a great number of emails I get every day I need to ask you for some patience. I will for sure answer all of them, but I am doing it in my free time, after my main job. First I need to find that free time. Also I am afraid that I will need to stop taking orders for SAK scales probably for a couple of months. I need to finish some old orders and would like to focus on new projects not related with Victorinox knives. One picture of my new SAK scales logo so you would not hate me so much ;) Cheers!