Thursday, May 5, 2016


Hello! Because of a great number of emails I get every day I need to ask you for some patience. I will for sure answer all of them, but I am doing it in my free time, after my main job. First I need to find that free time. Also I am afraid that I will need to stop taking orders for SAK scales probably for a couple of months. I need to finish some old orders and would like to focus on new projects not related with Victorinox knives. One picture of my new SAK scales logo so you would not hate me so much ;) Cheers!


  1. Hard decision probley when you make so much beautiful scales. Good luck on your other projects. ( i like the look of your own folder to)

  2. Oh... I was just thinking to order some scales :( Hopefully you will take orders again soon! Best wishes on your new projects