Thursday, May 31, 2012

Knives on The Stump II

Some more work in progress images...
   Last week I got the package from my friend knifemaker Janusz "Yahoo" Bladowski. There was a big piece of  green canvas micarta and my and my brother blanks after heat treatment(also a little gift from him - very cool neck knife). The blue knives on the picture are made of D2 steel and desert sand color is N690 steel after a bath in liquid nitrogen (cryogenic treatment). I didn't wast time and started making handles.

I also started to make a series of titanium mini tools/bottle openers.
100% hand made in Poland ;)
The whole set of minitools
A shallow of titanium cat fishes
        I managed to finish a series of the little tools. At least it seemed tha I did. It occured that they don't open the bottle properly :p. I made final finish, anodize titanium and even get all the pictures to show it to you... after this when tools were ready I check how it works. It turned out that I  have  to change the shape a little bit. But what is worst I will have to make a final finish and anodizing one more time.
Those guys from Victorinox know what they doing.
I have to change a shape so it could open a bottle
just as easy as victorinox tools.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Knives on The Stump I

Some photos of what is being made in my workshop. Most of the pictures taken on the stump which stands in front of the workshop and pretends to be a table. The best place to take photos :)
A camper and a neck both with micarta handles
Twins ready for heat treatment
No, this is not a kitchen knife...
New full tang and hidden tang with damast guard

A friction folder with my original locking system
Scales made of black canvas micarta

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The smell of spring...

...or maybe summer :). I spend some time close to the nature. It feels fantastic after spending the whole winter living in a big city.  Kayaking, walking in the woods... I have been waiting months for it. But not only me wanted to breathe some fresh air. My godson was very happy to put his little feet on the grass.

My godson Franek :)
Hunting a deer with a camera. Unfortunatelly it was
too smart for me and too fast for my camera
Camp fire and the moon
Repering a fence in the cottage on the lake.
I love the feeling of the old tools (the knife is new of course).
Working on new designs for a special project.
I always work with pencil and paper when designing fixed blades.

I made a movie from the trip. I've heard that it is very boring so I recommend you not to watch it ;)