Thursday, May 31, 2012

Knives on The Stump II

Some more work in progress images...
   Last week I got the package from my friend knifemaker Janusz "Yahoo" Bladowski. There was a big piece of  green canvas micarta and my and my brother blanks after heat treatment(also a little gift from him - very cool neck knife). The blue knives on the picture are made of D2 steel and desert sand color is N690 steel after a bath in liquid nitrogen (cryogenic treatment). I didn't wast time and started making handles.

I also started to make a series of titanium mini tools/bottle openers.
100% hand made in Poland ;)
The whole set of minitools
A shallow of titanium cat fishes
        I managed to finish a series of the little tools. At least it seemed tha I did. It occured that they don't open the bottle properly :p. I made final finish, anodize titanium and even get all the pictures to show it to you... after this when tools were ready I check how it works. It turned out that I  have  to change the shape a little bit. But what is worst I will have to make a final finish and anodizing one more time.
Those guys from Victorinox know what they doing.
I have to change a shape so it could open a bottle
just as easy as victorinox tools.

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