Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My titanium micro tools 2

   I made a whole set of titanium mini tools and bottle openers. Every piece is made of the toughtest 6al-4v titanium. The first one is 3,2mm(0.125in) thick. Lizard, Howrsis and CatFishes are 2mm(0,08in) thick. Those are 100% handmade, beadblasted, polished and anodized titanium. That is why every item is unique.

From today when I finish a knife or a tool I will write on the blog if it is available or not.

The first tool was made for someone... 

Lizard. One of a kind. NOT AVAILABLE
Howrsi. I made four of them (one is with broken jaw ;) ) NOT AVAILABLE

CatFish. I made six of them. NOT AVAILABLE

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