Sunday, November 29, 2015

Overpowered Titanium Crowbar

I've heard that I do many language errors in my posts... Sorry for that ;)
Anyway, today I would like to show you a tool made for some urbex lover. It is a roughly grinded piece of titanium with anodization, made from the titanium bar he sent me. Nothing very fancy but for sure the most overpowered small titanium crowbar I have ever seen ;)

Kershaw Chill customization

Some time ago I made another customization. This time it was Kershaw Chill flipper knife. New scales from transparent jade green G10 and different finish for blade and metal parts was made. Unfortunately I forgot to make photo before changes but it was just ordinary Chill with black G10 scales. Now it looks like this.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

New Squirrel Friction Folder!

Finally I have finish it! First of many... So if you like it just write me an email ;)
I am doing them from different materials (G10, full titanium, brass), different finishes and blade shapes. Also custom engravings are available.  Steel I am using for this model is N690 and in the near future D2 (with blackwash) and M390.
This one is a very special one... with custom coffe cup engraving :)
Blade thickness: 2.5 mm
Blade length: 4.5 cm
Overall length: 10.4 cm 
Handle material: titanium, green-black G10
Locking mechanism: friction

Friday, November 6, 2015

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife scales 9

Wow! Almost 2 months without 'SAK' post... I have to change that ;)

91mm titanium-orange G10 with custom engraving

91mm beadblasted and stonewashed titanium, chamfered

A lot of 91mm beadblasted and stonewashed titanium, chamfered ;)

91mm beadblasted, black G10

91mm titanium with badlands finish and engraved cross

84mm stonewashed titanium with custom engraving

In the end something very special. I always wanted to make this but I was not sure if it possible...
Let me introduce you my first titanium SAK scales with additional slots for Victorinox pen and pin. Scales arem made for 91mm SAK. My 'badlands finish' is used for titanium.

If you want to see some more pictures remember to visit my SAK gallery. Link is in the right part of the blog. Cheers!