Monday, August 31, 2015

Kydex-leather combo sheath for a bushcraft knife 2

My first kydex-leather combo sheath made this year. Another sheath made for a knife made by a great polish knifemaker Mariusz "TLIM" PrzybyƂowski. This time it is a bushcraft knife with toxicated black G10 scales so black screws were used for sheath to complete the tactical look. I also used black G10 for firestarter handle. Leather was finished with Fiebing's Professional Oil Dye, SNO SEAL and Gum Tragacanth for edges, glued with EcoWeld cement.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Devils-S and +/- Challange Coins for Maciej

I want to show you another set of titanium gadgets made for Maciej. As always, he has a lot of crazy ideas of using titanium so I could use my designing skills again ;)
Set consists of two Devils-S 'keychains' with my beadblast-stonewash finish and two with badlands  finish. There are also 4 challange coins with engraved +/-. Titanium 5.5mm was used for both projects and it was over 4 hours of milling with 4mm carbide cutter....

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Spyderco Pingo first scales and customization

About two weeks ago I have showed you my first prototype of Spyderco Vox/Anso Pingo scales. Now I will show you first finished titanium scales with customized knife as also new finish has been given to the blade and other parts. The knife has a thumbstand and it was added by a knife owner. Blade and parts are stonewashed. Scales are made with my recently, favourite finish and I finally found a name for it:

... Badlands Finish! ;)

I thought customization of this knife will be easier but there was few tricky parts. One of them is a hidden 2mm pin at the end of the scales. I had to destroy my own Pingo scales to get its localization. Another problem was holes for pivots which was not circles, it was flat on one side. I had to make the some in order to use original spyderco pins. A job not possible to make without CNC milling machine, as well as slots for clip. I also had to add my own washers as there are no separate washers in oryginal knife (washers are an integrated part of the plastic scale). Hope you like it!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New equipment - hardening furnace

I want to  will show you some new stuff in my workshop. First of all, I finally have my own hardening furnace! Like almost everything in my workshop, it was build from scratches. This time not my brother build it as it is usually made, but my father. It is a very simple construction with electric heater. PID controller is used for regulating temperature. Chamber is almost 30cm deep so also big knives can be heat treated. It works more than well but there is still a lot of test I have to made. Now I am using it mostly for titanium anodization.
I also bought the famous Tsubosan file set for hardness testing. Will soon make a good use of it so stay tuned:)