Thursday, August 20, 2015

Devils-S and +/- Challange Coins for Maciej

I want to show you another set of titanium gadgets made for Maciej. As always, he has a lot of crazy ideas of using titanium so I could use my designing skills again ;)
Set consists of two Devils-S 'keychains' with my beadblast-stonewash finish and two with badlands  finish. There are also 4 challange coins with engraved +/-. Titanium 5.5mm was used for both projects and it was over 4 hours of milling with 4mm carbide cutter....


  1. Do you have any of these coins for sale?

    1. Those are custom made. I don't have any for sale but I am able to make more challange coins like this or different if somebody wants to order it.

    2. If I wanted just 1 coin done how much would that be?

  2. Yeah how much would it be for 1 custom coin?