Saturday, August 15, 2015

Spyderco Pingo first scales and customization

About two weeks ago I have showed you my first prototype of Spyderco Vox/Anso Pingo scales. Now I will show you first finished titanium scales with customized knife as also new finish has been given to the blade and other parts. The knife has a thumbstand and it was added by a knife owner. Blade and parts are stonewashed. Scales are made with my recently, favourite finish and I finally found a name for it:

... Badlands Finish! ;)

I thought customization of this knife will be easier but there was few tricky parts. One of them is a hidden 2mm pin at the end of the scales. I had to destroy my own Pingo scales to get its localization. Another problem was holes for pivots which was not circles, it was flat on one side. I had to make the some in order to use original spyderco pins. A job not possible to make without CNC milling machine, as well as slots for clip. I also had to add my own washers as there are no separate washers in oryginal knife (washers are an integrated part of the plastic scale). Hope you like it!

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