Monday, August 18, 2014

Making clamps for homemade CNC milling machine

   I want to start a new series on the blog. I called it How it's made. I personally love to watch how things are made and I will show you how me and my brother do things in our workshop in short videos and photo stories. We make things not only related to knives and knifemaking. We are making also other thing, like tools, machines, gadgets, jewelry, electrical, metal, wooden stuff, furnitures... There will also be a chance to learn some tips & tricks from that "photo stories".
First episode is about making clamps for our CNC machine with use of CNC plasma cutter made by my brother. The origins of that made from scrap-metal, plasma cutting monster is another story... Today take a look at how we made that very useful simple metal thing. We made the clamps a week ago and since that time we have been using them hundreds of times during our knifemaking projects.  Link Clamps for a milling machine is located in the right column of the blog. Hope you like it!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife scales 1

   A couple of years ago I made a series of custom scales for Victorinox Swiss Army Knives 91mm and 84mm. As I am going to make some more scales with the CNC, I want to show you some of my old works as an intruduction. Of course all of them was made 100% handmade. As you can see on the pictures I was using all kinds of materials: G10, micarta, wood and carbon fiber (last one not shown on the pictures). It was a great way to practice different kinds of finish on G10 and micarta. If I remember well, it was the first time when I use beadblasting for a final finish of G10 and I am still using that method for every piece of G10 I made.

I am still working on a tutorial: How to make scales for Victorinox SAK. I hope to finish it soon so stay tuned :)