Saturday, August 2, 2014

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife scales 1

   A couple of years ago I made a series of custom scales for Victorinox Swiss Army Knives 91mm and 84mm. As I am going to make some more scales with the CNC, I want to show you some of my old works as an intruduction. Of course all of them was made 100% handmade. As you can see on the pictures I was using all kinds of materials: G10, micarta, wood and carbon fiber (last one not shown on the pictures). It was a great way to practice different kinds of finish on G10 and micarta. If I remember well, it was the first time when I use beadblasting for a final finish of G10 and I am still using that method for every piece of G10 I made.

I am still working on a tutorial: How to make scales for Victorinox SAK. I hope to finish it soon so stay tuned :)


  1. Trouble Waters custom scales still works well:

  2. It is nice to hear that you still have it after all this years :) Thanks for the photo. I had problems with finding a good quality photo of this knive. I am saving it on my hard drive

  3. hello
    how can i order this scales

  4. Hallo Andrzej, how is your email? I would order the scales for Victorinox. Thanks

    1. I sent you email to and none answer.