Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sex, sheaths and rock'n roll ;)

Recently I had the pleasure of working with some great people when making my new knife called La Biche Hunter. I don't want to show you the knife just yet but I will show you today what this two guys are able to make.

The first of them is Sławomir 'Slawol' Woźny, a sheathmaker. His works are combination of beautiful, simple form as well as utility and toughness. You can watch his works here. He is withoubt doubt one of the best sheathmekers in Poland. I like his work a lot, so I decided to ask him if he want to make a leather sheath for my next knife. Fortunatelly he agreed...

The second person is Krzysztof 'Ofaniel' Sawarzyński, a mountain lover and a photograph. A friend of Sławek who always makes photos of his leatherwork. The pictures of knives and sheaths he makes, are one of the best I have seen. Not to mention that he likes to take pictures of knives with beautiful women. Here you can see some great pictures he makes during hiking 
Enough talking. Take a look at the photos showing fantastic shaeaths

NOTE: Any of these knives was made by me. Pictures belowe are showing only some examples of Sławek "Slawol" sheaths and Krzysztof "Ofaniel" photographic skills.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My titanium micro tools 2

   I made a whole set of titanium mini tools and bottle openers. Every piece is made of the toughtest 6al-4v titanium. The first one is 3,2mm(0.125in) thick. Lizard, Howrsis and CatFishes are 2mm(0,08in) thick. Those are 100% handmade, beadblasted, polished and anodized titanium. That is why every item is unique.

From today when I finish a knife or a tool I will write on the blog if it is available or not.

The first tool was made for someone... 

Lizard. One of a kind. NOT AVAILABLE
Howrsi. I made four of them (one is with broken jaw ;) ) NOT AVAILABLE

CatFish. I made six of them. NOT AVAILABLE