Monday, January 26, 2015

Knives on The Stump VII

I was very busy lately with my full time job, but during the Christmas I have visited my old workshop and spend there a couple of hours.

Firstly a knife that I started a couple of years ago. D2 steel, mosaic pins, tappered tang and a thuya wood. My first knife with wooden handle for a long time... 
Skinny titanium neck

And finally something special. Some time ago I have bought a knife blank made by a famous polish knifemaker Marcin Bona.  What is more, the blank made of O1 steel was heat treated by other talented polish knifemaker Mariusz 'Tlim' Przybo┼éowski. That is why I want to make something special out of it. The knife is simillar to Fallkniven A1 knife, which I like very much. It was all rusty when I get it and I have to regrind it.  The handle with be made with black and brown micarta, I will also make a heavy duty, leather survival sheath.