Monday, November 18, 2013

Titanium & Zirconium Beads by Markus Thoma

   I would like to show you some works of a bead maker Markus Thoma from Switzerland. I met him when he was searching for a kitchen folder as his EDC :). Soon it occured that he makes some of the best beads I have ever seen. He uses two kinds of material for his beads: Titanium and Zirconium. Titanium is a well known material but Zirconium is something I didn't know... Unlike titanium, it can be heated to get a black color! This great effect you can see in the pictures. What was even more surprising to me,  Markus is using very simple tools to make the beads but all of them are perfectly finished.

    These two beads below Markus designed and made especially for my WAR Squirrel Friction Folder. I think it fits the knife perfectly. I hope this is not the last time when we are making a cooperation like this ;) Thanks Markus!

Here you can see more of his works

Saturday, November 9, 2013

WAR Squirrel Friction Folder

   I have just finished a heavy duty friction folder from Squirrel series which I started almost two years ago. It is the biggest knife in the series and for sure the toughest one. Almost looks like a folding cleaver :)

Steel: D2 (cryogenic heat treatment)
Blade thickness: 4 mm
Blade length: 6,2 cm
Overall length: 15,5 cm 
Handle material: G10 OD green coarse textured, bead blasted titanium
Locking mechanism: friction

The knife found a new home in Switzerland and will be used by a talented bead maker I had a pleasure to meet. I will be happy to show some of his works on my blog as he claimed to make a special bead for the knife ;)