Sunday, April 22, 2018

SAK pouches

Here are some SAK pouches I made lately. I wanted to check how different leathers, finishes and threads will work, so each pouch was different. I didn't plan that but it occured that this design works best with only 1-2 layers SAK, so I need to work on a design to fit bigger SAKs.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Pirate Coffins 1

Here are some pictures of the new item I have designed and made with my brother. This is a keychain prytool made of  2mm thick titanium with a coffin shape. Lenght of the tool is 6,5mm - a size of a big house key and weight as much as a standard metal key.
The logo on the tool have two additional crossed lines below looking like pirate's crossbones and that is why I have called the tool "Pirate Coffin".
For sure the funcionality of this micro tool is limited but it always feels good to have a piece of titanium in the pocket and save your knife tip from being damaged. Also it should be a perfect addition to some bigger projects.
Soon I am planning to design a leather pouch for Pirate Coffins so with a pouch and some nice lanyard it will look classy ;)