Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The smell of spring...

...or maybe summer :). I spend some time close to the nature. It feels fantastic after spending the whole winter living in a big city.  Kayaking, walking in the woods... I have been waiting months for it. But not only me wanted to breathe some fresh air. My godson was very happy to put his little feet on the grass.

My godson Franek :)
Hunting a deer with a camera. Unfortunatelly it was
too smart for me and too fast for my camera
Camp fire and the moon
Repering a fence in the cottage on the lake.
I love the feeling of the old tools (the knife is new of course).
Working on new designs for a special project.
I always work with pencil and paper when designing fixed blades.

I made a movie from the trip. I've heard that it is very boring so I recommend you not to watch it ;)

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