Sunday, May 22, 2016

Set of leather sheaths for TLIM knives

Fortunately I don't forget how to make sheaths ;) I have finally finished two leather sheaths for Lukasz. He wanted to have a set of two similar sheaths for his knives made by Mariusz "TLIM" PrzybyƂowski. I have been making these sheaths for many months... Lukasz thank you for being so patient! I hope you will like them :)
Leather was finished with Fiebing's Professional Oil Dye (Dark Brown and Black), SNO SEAL and Gum Tragacanth for edges. Shock cord is used to pull away a strap. All parts are detachable if needed. Sheath can be attached in vertical and horizontal position. There will also be a kydex holster for a firestarter like here but I will probably not make new photos.. Picture with firestarter added.
Please enjoy the pictures of beautiful Tlim knives with my sheaths, and stay tuned as I have to catch up on posts on my blog. Finally I hope to have some more free time so I should be able to answer missed emails.


  1. Beautiful leatherwork. Also, the word is 'sheaths'

  2. Thanks! It was very late...:D

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