Sunday, March 8, 2015


Hi! I have been working on those desings for almost a year and finally I started to make prototypes. As usual, I am making them in cooperation with my brother on our CNC milling machine. My idea was to design a couple of knives which will be my regular models. I decided to design two size of friction folders, and two necks: three finger with scales and skeletonized one. For the friction folders, I have used the concept of knives that I made in the past: WAR Squirrel and small Squirrel. I don't have a prototype for a small squirrel yet but I hape to make it soon. As those are just prototypes, I have used black G10 for the scales - it will be different in finished models. A prototype of the two finger neck knife (I have to think of a name for it) is made only with G10 but it is just to check how it fits the hand.

I think of this neck as a some kind of Pocket Survival Knife. It is a hidden tang construction so it is very light but steel durable as it will be 2.5-3mm steel.
Two finger neck. For sure I will make a titanium version of this knife with carbidized edge. It fits to Altoids tin, which was one of my priorities during designing. Another priority was a paracord wrap option.
WAR Squirrel is back! I've got many requests to make more of this folder. There was only one piece of it in the whole world but soon there will be more ;).  I have changed the original design a little bit and now it will look even more like a folding cleaver.


  1. Love the WAR Squirrel! It is still one of my Favorites, awesome Work and Design. I take it on all my Journeys with me!!


    1. Hello Markus :) I am glad that you are still using it. I hope it serves you well. Cheers