Monday, June 23, 2014

Kydex-leather combo sheath for a bushcraft knife

   Sometimes people ask me to make a sheath for their knives. I usually told them that I don't make a classical leather or kydex sheats because there are many great sheatmakers even in Poland who do that for a living and many of them are far way better than me. I also told them that there is one kind of sheath that I would like to do... my favourite leather-kydex combo. No everyone likes that combination of materials but I have just found a person who agreed to my kydex-leather proposition :)
   The sheat and a firestarter is made for a very popular in Poland bushcraft knife made by Mariusz "TLIM" Przybyłowski. This is a first sheath where I used Fiebing's Professional Oil Dye. It is saddle tan color. I also use for the first time a famous SNO SEAL leather protection to make it waterproof. Seeing results, I think that I will use Fiebings Professional Oil Dye and SNO SEAL as a standard in my sheats. It looks clean and proffesional, and what is more important - leather is well protected. Can't wait to make another one :) 

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