Sunday, June 7, 2015

[HOW IT"S MADE] Making a double sided leather paddle strop

A long time ago I decided to make a leather paddle strop to give some more sharpness to my knives. Making a paddle strop is very easy. The simplest version is just a piece of leather glued to a wooden
board, but I decided that my leather strop will be more complicated. I wanted it to be not only double sided but also each leather strap to be double sided. As I can use both side of each leather strap, it gives me four surfaces of different roughness for different sharpening compunds. Everything is mounted with screws so it's possible to mount sandpaper instead of leather. My paddle was made of pine wood. It's size is about 4x60x2cm so it can be used for very big knives.
Link Double Sided Leather Paddle Strop is located in the right column of the blog or you can just click HERE to see how I made it.

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