Friday, April 8, 2016

Spyderco Pingo scales 2

Finally after making many SAK scales me and my brother have managed to master 'production' of scales for another knife model - Spyderco Pingo. Here I have showed the first set of scales which we made for this knife: Spyderco Pingo first scales
These are upgraded with the new logo. I think it fits very well.
Hope you will like it as much as SAK scales, because I will probably make some more ;)

Titanium Spyderco Pingo scales with badlands finish

Copper Spyderco Pingo scales with forced oxidation


  1. Have you done any Titanium scales for the Spyderco Roc Cleaver?

  2. Hi, I have done the only scales that can be seen on the blog. Only SAK scales and Spyderco Pingo so far.

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  4. How can I order brass pingo scales?