Sunday, August 27, 2017

Tactical Fishes and anodization

It been a while...
In last months I made two banches of Tactical Fishes which I would like to show you. First set has my standard finish.
The second one is anodized. This year I made  huge step in anodization process. Found an etchant for titanium available in Europe which works great.
For comparison, first check my old anodized Tactical Fishes made in 2016. I always got very dull colors for the voltage above 40V (which is blue). Also I was not able to get clean green color.
New anodized fishes below. It took me very long time to learn that the only way to succeed in anodization is by the etching process. Now I am able to get really bright colors for the whole anodization scale and it feels great ;)


  1. Wow, the colors seem to be really bright. It would look nice on knife scales :) Do you also make some other pry tools or bottle openers ? Some small pry tool that could take standard screw bits and also several sizes of hex nuts might be great. I'm sometimes using leatherman piranha, but it is quite big and the part for american sized hex nuts is practically useless for me, because most of the nuts in europe are metric.

  2. Love the colors that anodizing bring out. Super work, Andreh.