Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First knives in 2012

Some photos I made in the first weekend of 2012. Five knives I have been working on lately...

Cooperation with my brother
and another neck knife
The one with scandi grind is a cooperation with my younger brother Kamil, who is a knifemaker too :). I made a sketch, he cut the steel and grind the knife. After that I made the holes for pins and cut out some steel to make it light as a feather ;). Now it is ready for a heat treatment. We can't decide wheather it should have wood or micarta scales, but I want it to have both traditional scandinavian and modern feeling. That is why the scales should be made of...

Those knives below are the first 3 knives that I started in 2012.

My 5th friction folder
New friction folder with granade lock made for a guevara who I met on the last annual gathering of knives.pl forum. The pin is going to be threaded and when not used can be screw in the end of the handle. I believe that this idea is something new. I hope that it will work well and not unscrew easily. If not, there sure will be more folders with this lock. The handle in this knife will be black textured G10.

N690 brothers
Two knives born from one design and one piece of 5mm N690 steel. So technically they are twins;). But like all the twins, born with different characters. The black one will be a heavy duty utillity knife with green canvas micarta scales. The one with a double guard - a fighter. It is just a begining of the work but I think that you can fill the diffrence.

The only thing left is to find some time to finish it :)

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