Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Orange Survival Set (Part 1)

   I want to show You a knife that I designed about 2 years ago. Now, after 2 years it is almost ready for heat treatment. But before that, I have to make another blade, as the set will also include a small neck knife, firestarter (with orange handle of course) and Fallkniven DC3 sharpening stone. Everything will be mounted to the same sheath made from orange kydex and black leather. I have no freaking idea how will I do that but I believe that it will be awesome ;) I finished a similar, smaller set a couple of months ago: Flying Bear Survival Set. This time the blade is 12.5 cm long and is made from 5mm D2 steel and G10.

I made a photo of the knife last weekend so You can see how it looks now.
June 2011..
...January 2012

 Look forward for more of this project in the near future

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