Saturday, September 20, 2014

Making a Pioneer knife Part 1 - designing and milling blanks

This is a first episode of making my first ever, series of four knives made with use of CNC milling machine. What is more important, knives are made with help of my brother Kamil, who will program the milling monster and work on: 'how to do things'. We have never done such a thing and hope that it will end with a success :) If it will be cool enough, I will make it my first knife model - ready to made on request. That is way, I called it "Pionieer".
The knives are half-finished now. I am showing first step of the story. Step that we made over a month ago.
Of course it started from a designing. I wanted it to be a tough, compact, multi purpose, field knife. Similar to the one I made about 5 years ago LINK. The blade has a lenght of 9,5cm and it is 21cm overal. I decided to use 4mm D2 steel.
From a couple of my sketches I made a CAD drawing. While my brother was programming the machine, I prepared the steel for milling. After a couple of hours we were ready to cut.W made four blanks, one after another. 3mm diameter carbide cutter was used. I made a short video of the milling process.

In the next episode, I will show how we managed to make rough grinds without a grinder... with use of bull nose cutter instead.

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