Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Titanium PRYBARS for Maciej

About three weekes ago I've got a very interesting request from my customer - Maciej. The order refered to make two almost identical prybars, big enough so it can be used as cubotans. I knew immediately that it will be perfect task for my milling machine. We have decided that 4mm Ti-6Al-4V titanium will do the job... The lenght of the prybars is about 12cm so it will fit perfectly to the hand.

Here are also some pictures from making proces. I got a sketch from Maciej. Then I make a digital version of the drawing and add some modifications to the project, so the prybars can now be also used for M6 hex nuts and as a 1/4'' bit wrench. I used my CNC milling machine to cut it out from a titanium bar. Then it was grinded, hand finished and stonewashed (with use of stonewashing machine that I have built with my brother last weekend). After stonewashing process I have polished one of the prybars with diamont paste and made anodization with a burner, so this is the only difference between them. It was really fun to make them and I  have just started to make some more prybars, but this time smaller, door key sized ones ;)

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