Thursday, April 23, 2015

VAULT OPENER Titanium Prybar

About two month ago, encouraged by David Bowen from, I decided to design a pocket prybar for my regular offer. As a base, I used the projects I made last year, and in short, that is how the VAULT OPENERS were created :D. VO is 11cm long pocket prybar, which gives a lot of prying power. They are milled from over 4mm titanium sheet so are probably one of the toughest in the market. I made them in two versions: for metric and imperial size hex nuts. Metric size is for M5 and M6 screws and imperial ones are for 10 and 1/4 screws. Both versions have a slot for 1/4'' hex bits. For the first series I made four pieces. All of them are stonewashed. Two are heat anodized for tan and blue (violet?) color.
As you see in the pictures they can be dress very fancy ;). I am adding a pack of colorful orings to each tool, including silicone GITD ones (don't let the picture fool you, they are not glowing as bright - magic of exposition!)

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