Saturday, July 16, 2016

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife scales 17

Finally some more SAK scales :)

91mm blue-black and red-black G10 scales PLUS with 'old cross' engraved
Recently I am not using G10 very often But I have to say it looks sweet

Another very special custom project:
91mm scales, titanium with custom spartan engraved (blue anodized) and blue-black G10 with 'Pattern B'

91mm carbon fiber scales with different type of CF/finish. A perfect example of differences between CF. In the right Twill 2x2 Carbon Fiber beadblasted for a mat finishy
Plain 1x1 Carbon Fiber
Twill 2x2 Carbon Fiber with 'chaotic finish'

First pair of scales with "Elinox cross'. It is one of the best looking crosses according to me :)
91mm titanium scales beadblasted and stonewashed with custom engraving